The objective of the H2Watt project is to prepare the economy, on both sides of the border and across all sectors, for the new challenges and potential of hydrogen as a key technology. A further objective is to promote technological development and knowledge transfer in relation to the new hydrogen economy by:

  • studying the options available for generating, storing and transporting hydrogen, and using renewable energy sources

  • analysing, testing and, if necessary, introducing novel, market-oriented technologies for hydrogen applications

  • developing processes and modelling a hydrogen value chain

  • designing a supply infrastructure or logistics system

  • developing technology concepts and project approaches to allow the use of hydrogen by different user groups

The project activities are located on the islands of Borkum and Ameland. The natural conditions of The Wadden Sea make it an ideal choice for producing “green” hydrogen, for example using wind farms, solar power plants and wave and tidal power plants. A further advantage is that the supply system can be reviewed and analysed independently (closed balance envelope).