Presentation of the German-Dutch cooperation project H2Watt

April 30th 2020


During the H2Watt week, which took place from 22 - 30 April 2020, the German-Dutch cooperation project H2Watt was presented daily with video contributions. Various stakeholders introduced themselves.

The aim of the H2Watt project is to prepare the economy on both sides of the border for the new requirements and potentials that will result from the introduction of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The technological development and the transfer of knowledge will be carried out using the islands of Ameland and Borkum as examples, where various innovation projects in the fields of infrastructure, transport and logistics are being implemented.

Day #1

The H2Watt project - hydrogen in the Wadden Sea

Katja Baumann, MARIKO GmbH

Leo van der Burg, FME

The use of hydrogen: status quo & perspectives

Sören Berg, MARIKO GmbH

Day #2

The North as a hydrogen hot spot in Europe and the German-Dutch cooperation

Nienke Homan, Gedeputeerde Provincie Groningen

Matthias Groote, district administrator of Landkreis Leer and chairman of the Ems Dollart Region (EDR)

Day #3

The energy-conscious island Borkum

Jürgen Akkermann, mayor of Borkum

The energy-conscious island Ameland

Leo Pieter Stoel, mayor of Ameland

Erwin de Boer, advisor sustainability Ameland


Day #4

Hydrogen production & supply

Adenike Bettinger, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer


Hydrogen production & supply

Hugo Groenemans, Hygro



Day #5

Hydrogen for heat supply

Axel Held, Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH



Hydrogen for heat supply

Marcel Frerichs, abh Ingenieur-Technik GmbH 


Day #6

Hydrogen for the operation of the island railway

Hendrik Sijtsma, Resato International B.V.




Day #7

Hydrogen in shipping

Theo Klimp, Wagenborg Shipping B.V. 





Hydrogen in shipping

Prof. Kapt. Michael Vahs, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer